Sad to hear the news of metz

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On my first day at The Brentwood Gazette Chief Photographer Len Weal thrust a Metz 402 into my hands. It was similar to the image above but had a seperate wet cell battery that you carried over your shoulder. Soon afterwards the 45 range came out and we changed to those. I still use one 30 odd years later. When I say 1, I have 3 Metz 45s and 3 MZ40s.

Today I heard that metz have gone insolvent, its a great shame

click here for the Reuter’s story

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  1. I used a 402 with the wet cell to make images of concealments on vessels fround with contraband – circa 1975-6. I currently use the 45CL with my Bronica SQAi. 100% reliable bit of kit. Sad day.

  2. That should have been found noyt fround but maybe that was because I was frowning with the news.


    I was pleased to move on from the 402 Tom. I remember spending almost 48 hours covering a shotgun heist and then as the police brought the gunmen out in the justle the lead from the battery to the gun shorted and I almost missed the shot!

    Still very powerful units though

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